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There are various ways you can donate to Mission Agencies through the Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention.

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Our objectives

One of the objectives of the Convention is to challenge Christians to give of their resources to help in the work of Mission both at home and overseas.

Over the Years

Since 1937, when our work began, over £5.5 million has been channelled through the Convention for missionary work.

At current values this represents over £13 million. For more details, click here.

Last year, in spite of the fact that we had no physical meetings due to the Covid pandemic our total income was over £159,000 and over £138,000 was passed on directly to 139 different Mission agencies. For details of these agencies and amounts passed on,  click here.

Account Archives

Our Services

We provide a free service which enables you to channel your giving to a wide variety of evangelical Mission agencies but we reserve the right not to handle a particular gift where it would not meet the requirements of our Trust Deed.


1.  Can the value of the money I give be increased?
Yes.  Provided you pay enough Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax (but not VAT, Rates or Council Tax) then all the money you give to the Convention can be increased.

2.  By how much will my gift be increased?
The increase will be related to the standard rate of Income Tax.  With the rate at 20% a gift of £100 will be increased to £125.  Or a gift of £500 will become £625.

3.  Where does the extra money come from?
The extra money is actually the tax which you pay on your salary or wages or pension or on the interest you get from your bank or Building Society, or tax credits on dividends, or any Capital Gains Tax.  HM Revenue & Customs refunds the tax to the Convention.

4.  Is there any limit to the amount I can give?
Yes.  You should limit your giving to all charities under the Gift Aid Scheme so that the extra amount received from HMRC does not exceed the total amount of tax which you will have paid in the current tax year.  So if you pay £1 a week tax you could still give a total of £210 to all charities under the Scheme.  If you have any doubts, ask the Treasurer.

5.  Will there be any additional cost to me?
No.  None at all.  Indeed if you pay any tax at the higher rate of 40% then you could actually claim a refund of tax yourself from HMRC.

6.  What’s involved?

There is just one simple declaration which you will have to make.  When you select one of the methods of donating you just need to tick the Gift Aid box and this will cover all payments which you make now and in the future until you let us know that you no longer pay sufficient tax.

7.  What are the advantages in using the Worldwide Missionary Convention?
The Convention acts as a ‘clearing house’ for missionary giving.  We distribute the gifts of individuals to the evangelical Missionary Societies of their choice.  By using the Convention you can avoid having to send the money yourself to a number of different Societies.  And you can change the Societies which receive your money each year if you wish.  This service is provided totally free – we make no deductions for expenses.

8.  Are Societies told who donated the money?
When we send money to a Missionary Society we include a list of the names and addresses of the donors, the amount they paid and any particular instructions which they may have given (eg for the support of a particular missionary or project).  Where a donor wishes to give anonymously we do not disclose their name.

9.  When do Missionary Societies receive the money?
The Convention normally distributes money twice a year – in July and in December.  In July we distribute money where the total already received for any particular Society is at least £100.  In December we distribute all the remaining money which has been received during the year apart from a balance of unallocated money which we carry forward to the next year.

10.  When can I start making use of this Scheme?
Now!  Don’t put off planning your missionary giving.  Use one of the Ways to Donate buttons on the right.

From the Archive

Our 83rd year saw Don Carson lead our Bible Readings.

Saturday 24 August 2019

Our 83rd year saw Don Carson lead our Bible Readings.

Canon Andrew White “the Bishop of Baghad” spoke about the great work in Iraq.

Saturday 01 September 2012

Canon Andrew White “the Bishop of Baghad” spoke about the great work in Iraq.

We celebrated 75 years of the Convention with our opening night in the Waterfront Hall

Saturday 20 August 2011

We celebrated 75 years of the Convention with our opening night in the Waterfront Hall

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